While You are an Active Member

Your Contributions to the Plan

While the amount that you contribute to the Plan is subject to change, your current annual contribution is:

7.82% times your annualized pensionable earnings up to the YMPE
10.18% times your annualized pensionable earnings above the YMPE

Your contributions (subject to a limit under the Income Tax Act) are deducted each pay from your pre-tax pensionable earnings. As a result, your taxable income is reduced; therefore, you benefit from an immediate tax reduction.

Your Employer Also Contributes to the Plan

Your employer currently matches your required contributions and also contributes an additional amount of up to 1.40% of your pensionable earnings.

How are Contributions Determined?

The contributions needed to fund the Plan benefits are set by the Trustees on the advice of external financial experts, subject in some situations to the consent of the Plan Sponsors.

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